Alec Toleafoa

Rev. Alec Toleafoa a long standing member of the Polynesian Panthers.

"The burden of OBM project is the re-telling of an under represented but pivotal event in the history of Aotearoa and Pacific People's. The Dawn Raid experience has inspired the small but powerful talented collective of artists to use their miltiple gifts to represent the story with fresh, new voices"

Melani Anae

Dr Melani Anae, a long standing member of the Polynesian Panthers. 

"As one of the Polynesian Panther members invited to mentor this project, it gives me great pleasure to support the vision, scope and goals of this project, all are exciting, Pacific oriented and timely. The overstayer debacle and ensuing Dawn Raids illustrated the epitome of the racist immigration policies of the 1970s NZ."

Tigilau Ness

Recognised as an NZ icon, a Musician and a member of the Polynesian Panthers.

"A fresh generation is about to learn something of their own true Pacific history as what transpired in Aotearoa not long ago. The story of the Dawn Raids will be through this music collective  that I am happy and proud to be associated with. We in the Polynesian Panthers Party have always recognied and encouraged the preserving and transmitting of our true history and culture in the Pacific."

Chris McBride

Ngāti Pākehā ki Te Moananui a Kiwa, Ngāti Airihi Pākehā/Irish nō Whakatū/Nelson. Artist, activist and long-time friend, supporter, collaborator of members of the Polynesian Panther Party.  

"Through contemporary performance, new generations, unaware of this important part of the nations history (the Dawn Raids), will be taken on an explorative journey – a look back, an analysis of what has been achieved, and a look into what we must do to achieve equality for all. I fully support 'Oceans before Me' and all involved. Mauri ora”



Launch of the Whakaako Kia Whakaora Educate To Liberate Website 9th Dec 2020

Miriama Rauhihi, Alec Toleafoa, Melani Anae, Marina Alefosio & Tigilau Ness

It's purpose to honour the presence of the Polynesian Panthers in Tāmaki Makaurau and the direct connection to the Black Panther Party. This website takes the learner through a historical visual journey. It is the fine union of education accompanied by Art depicted in this space.

The website also directs the learner to the Mural Project inspired by Ness and McBride’s travel to the Black Panther Party 50th Anniversary in Oakland 2016. Click mural image below.


Polynesain Panthers

Edited by Melani Anae with Lautofa (TA) Iuli and Leilani Burgoyne

Polynesian Panthers is a collection of experiences told by those present during a time social activism took a strong stance during the 1970's through to the early 1980's in New Zealand. The testimony's shared in this book point out an engrained stigma of racism particularly against Pacific Islanders. The book also contains visual archives, memories of a young generation vigorously paving a way for change. Looking back it has opened pathways and life time purpose and dedication against racism and discrimination.

The Platform -The Radical Legacy of the Polynesian Panthers

By Melani Anae

The Platform begins with a powerful and personal encounter specified "In the writing of this book my Samoan ancestors came to me in a dream." Following a life time dedicated to the work of a Panther, writing about the Panthers in books, articles, delivering lectures, co-ordinating 'educate to liberate' Panthers Rap in Schools, this book takes a turn into a deeper perspective from Anae's childhood and the significance of the forging of New Zealand-born Pacific identity. It acknowledges what the Panthers platform has done and what that could mean for the future.   


Dawn Raid

By Pauline (Vaeluaga) Smith

Dawn Raid is a diary kept by a young girl named Sofia. It's an innocent reflection of her world. Although the characters created are fiction such as Sofia and her family, the events described alongside some of the characters mentioned are based on true historical events in New Zealand.