'Daughters of the Dawn' 19.11.2021


Danya Yang


The album artwork best reflects the collaborative process of the artists connection, with the joining names of La Coco and KALALA spelling 'Kō' indicating to sing/resound, while Vox Dawn and MARINA spell 'Vā' to denote the relational space and its importance. The distance between each artist, with the ongoing challenges faced during COVID lockdowns eventually became a natural default in how the entirety of "Daughters of the Dawn" came about. 

Throughout this defaulted space, La Coco chose to work with Beat Producer M4 Malachi Samuelu and Sound Producer Christian Mausia, MARINA with Producer Sonny Tuiletufuga, KALALA working with Diego Villalta and Vox Dawn Co-Producing with Nigel Mauchline. Finally with Hamish Townsend alongside Ayaluna El bacha Co-Producing "Carry on the Walk". The outcome illustrates a large body of work, a 10 track album that not only highlights the individual artists style but enabled the artists to lock in parts of the Dawn Raid narrative that resinated with them individually. Track7 "Gone" by La Coco touches on the migration, track 5"Feagaiga" by Vox Dawn acknowledges the covenant relationship between the brother and sister within the Polynesian Panthers, track 8"Mothers Design" by KALALA reflects on the direct bloodline and purpose in acknowledgement of those before us and track 6 "We Want the Dawn" by MARINA specifically paying homage to the Polynesian Panthers.

The entrance track of "Daughters of the Dawn" features a rendition of Tigilau Ness (Unity Pacific) "From Street To Sky" an iconic resonance not only in sound but as a reminder of our history, the stories told before us. The rendition version is stripped back, presented as a raw A cappella, carefully layered with each of the artists voices starting with the poetic words of MARINA.       

Daughters of the Dawn - full album 19.11.2021

2021 Pacific Music Awards

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“Carry On The Walk” begins with chilling samples of the movement’s leaders, before a smooth backbeat enters. Lyrics which harness deep layers of intergenerational resilience are paired with vocal harmonies transcended through their lineage. Each of the four artists showcase their gifts, from established spoken-word poet and facilitator MARINA’s truths and La Coco’s Waiata Maori 
Award-winning vocal artistry." 

Danya Yang


Release date: Friday 1st Oct 2021

Lyrics/Composition: KALALA, MARINA, Vox Dawn, LaCoco

Sound bite: Tigilau Ness, Melani Anae, Etta Gillon

Recorded: 2Stream Studios

Co-producer/Recording engineer: Hamish Townsend

Piano/drums/bass composer: Ayaluna El bacha

Mixed and Mastered: Nigel Mauchline

The Stomach/Creative Sounds Society Inc

Pre-save: https://smarturl.it/precarryonthewalk

SmartURL: https://smarturl.it/carryonthewalk 

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